It's never too early to start thinking about your career

职业服务 is 在这里 to support you in developing and achieving your career goals. Our services offer career advising, 工作和实习帮助, resume and cover letter writing help, 研究生院 planning. If you are not sure what you want to major in, our career assessments can help you learn more about your interests, 人格类型, and careers that are best suited for you.  
预约 with us as soon as your first day at Pacific. Our Tigers on Pace program is a four-year plan that allows you to pursue options and be prepared for graduation. However, you can begin this plan at any point. 
You do not need certain eligibility for jobs, shadowing or 实习s. We will help you 与雇主联系 as soon as you are ready. Even our alumni can receive free career services for life. As soon as you are ready to start talking about your career, we are ready to support you. 
正规博彩十大网站排名 we regularly host include: 
•工作 & 实习公平 
•    Practice interviews with employers 
•    Workshops on resumes, cover letters, networking, 和更多的


The 就业服务中心 is proud of highlighting 学生的成功. If you have an achievement you would like to share with us, tell us 在这里.


Christopher Cardenas joined Travelers Insurance full-time after completing two summer 实习s with the organization. He is now working as an Underwriting 专业发展 Program under the Bond  & 专业部门. 

Cardenas worked extensively with the 就业服务中心 to sharpen his resume, cover letter and interview skills.


Abha Patkar, 21岁

Pre-Dentistry学生, Abha Patkar, landed a dental assistant position thanks to the help from the 就业服务中心. Patkar participated in several career-related events that helped her build connections with employers and she took advantage of the center's resources such as its 面试的房间 and resume advising.

Patkar also excelled in leadership roles while attending Pacific. She participated in the CA Civic Actions Fellows Program w在这里 she worked closely with a local nonprofit to serve the community.

Abha Patkar


The 就业服务中心 also offers resources to assist with your professional development. 资源 such as professional clothing, 面试的房间, and professional headshots are available for all students at no cost. 


Special thanks to our employer partners for supporting the 就业服务中心 and for providing career opportunities to our students.


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Office Hours: Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. 到5点.m.